Abby Drake

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I tend to think of my life in segments, rather than as one continuous time period. In my childhood, I used new places to organize eras of my life. I relocated eight different times between the ages of three and seventeen, moving with my family across state and country borders. Reflecting on my childhood structured by displacement, I have come to realize that we view our memories differently than how we actually lived them. Looking back on the past creates new and different experiences only understood with time. The frame-by-frame play of my memories and experiences is one I am convinced I can never forget. These images are what I replicate through my paintings. Using color as an agent to bring my memories to life, I recreate objects, photos, and landscapes from my childhood and from my camera roll. I start all my works with painted color outlines directly onto white canvas. I pay specific attention to making compositions that are engaging, as many of my artworks include multiple subjects collaged together. My process of collaging images involves working photo by photo, choosing one-by-one where each subject should be placed on the canvas. Creating a realistic environment in my paintings is not what I aim to do. There is not a unified scale or a singular light source. Instead, I bring multiple objects and memories together in an imaginary space where they can coexist and inform one another. 



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