Alyssa Cotton

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I am interested in the relationship between subjects and the spaces they inhabit, as well as the narratives embedded in these situations. I work to bring all of these elements together into quiet, contemplative, and dynamic scenes, painting new aesthetic stills that incorporate technology, perspective, and selection. I spend hours dragging and dropping the little orange man on Google Maps into 360-degree views of places around the globe. While intended to be a way for people to view beautiful destinations around the world as though they were there, these images often unintentionally capture tourist groups, families on vacation, and other everyday people, victims of being too close to someone with a 360-degree camera. Due to human error, these images often end up appearing disjointed, creating compelling visual illusions. The drone or selfie stick perspective turns the viewer into a disembodied observer, looking onto these scenes with a sense of separation. The level of disconnect created by this process conveys a sense for the viewer that they are more of an observer than a participant in the world.


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