Anna Cottrell

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I am a multidisciplinary artist from Charlotte, North Carolina, currently living and working in Austin, Texas. My work spans a variety of media, including printmaking, installation, sculpture, painting, and mixed media collage. Much of my work emphasizes materiality and incorporates gauzy fabrics like tulle or chiffon. I also explore processes of stitching in my work, considering how thread relates to veins, roots, and other organic forms. Visually, my work exists at the intersection of beautiful and unsettling, examining the connections between femininity and horror as well as the relationship between beauty and decay. It asks questions of the viewer: What makes something creepy? And, why might something considered distinctly feminine be considered creepy? Finding the value in the uncomfortable is an important part of my work and creative process. Light is another important factor, as I use light to create a cinematographic feel and to highlight the weight of the emotions present in my work.


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