Aulona Begaj

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I am a painter, sculptor, and installation artist. When I am inspired, I open myself up to the possible narratives that could unfold in my work. I allow myself to question the ways my sources of inspiration can manifest in space. I find an overwhelming amount of spirit in objects, people, and environments in the world. What fuels my creative process is the relationship between reality and the unconscious. I find myself questioning the nature of reality and the perceptions we all hold about life around us. By challenging this boundary, I create a narrative that warps the familiar, introducing ideas that are disconnected from our preconceived notions. 

For my recent body of work, I was inspired by the construction I saw taking place in Austin during the summer of 2021. In viewing these sites, I felt called to pull apart and recontextualize the experiences we have with construction. Bowie & 5th St. (2021) highlights the separate processes of construction, while another work, Block 185, 601 W 2nd St. (2021) revolves around the different times of day I viewed the same site and explored its interaction with space. With Two Suits (2021), my aim was to introduce two people in conversation and illuminate what I found had a presence in their interaction—the folds and creases of their suits, the energy of their gestures, and an atmosphere that reacts to those gestures.


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