Avery Daniel

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For me, the creative process is an opportunity to connect with ourselves and discover the inner workings of our own minds. Through photography, printmaking, painting, and drawing, I explore how individual and communal experiences relate to one another. I look closely at the environments that shape these experiences and the conditions that surround and influence our social practices and personalities. My daily habits influence the way I perceive myself and the way others perceive me. Every individual has a unique environment that influences their inner psyche: from the digital world they have curated perfectly for themselves, to the influence of the family they are born into, to the pressure of societal rules put into place by generations before them. In my work, I investigate my own environment, from the town I grew up in to the digital space I have nested myself in. I am inspired by the relationships I have with fashion, consumerism, and social media. These relationships help me clarify and illuminate my own identity and my connections with others. I am also interested in how my individual experiences mirror those of the people around me. My work explores these ideas as a means of encouraging viewers to reflect on individual and social identity, and to create a moment of personal introspection and connection with the self.



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