Aydan Bowman

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My work serves as an open door for the viewer to step through and explore the realm of my imagination and nightmares in physical form, and I often find inspiration in digital media, novels, and illustration. Through my artwork, I wish to breathe life into the worlds of my creation, where I act as the narrator of their histories and the architect of their strange designs. Conflict, religious symbolism, and mysticism are weaved into my work and my stories. Using these fantastical realms, I explore concepts such as mortality, transhumanism, and identity. 

My work is at its best when I become lost in the process of constant mark-making. Instead of calculating my movements, I let my instincts guide my hand. The rhythm of music acts as my guide, and each song I listen to has a distinct visual narrative associated with it. By curating my music playlists to fit the direction I want my work to take, I can provide direction to my intuitive process. When I make a mistake in my work, I rarely choose to cover it up, choosing instead to embrace the errors. My work thrives in dynamism and chaos, which are powerful in representing the unnatural and unsettling subjects I depict. By challenging myself with larger surfaces to work on, I am able to experience the physicality of the long-winding marks and become immersed in a dance-like process. By welcoming these obstacles, my art evolves as I take new steps to incorporate unexpected changes and use my subconscious as my guide.


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