Becca Gilbertson

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My work centers ideas of the self—physical, psychological, and spiritual. As a dual major in Psychology and Studio Art, I enjoy taking psychological concepts that I relate to or find interesting and translating them into images. This approach has allowed me to sift through my thoughts and feelings and bring them into my work, so they have a life outside of me and exist as a sort of visual journal. I also enjoy incorporating elements of the mystical and celestial into my work as a way to depict the interaction between the physical and something more. This combination of the secular and the spiritual, and my own journey navigating between the two, has become a theme in my work, particularly because I have come to see these concepts as more similar than different. Painting has been my primary medium for depicting these ideas, but my time at UT has also given me experience in and a love for printmaking, specifically lithography.


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