Bella Cheng

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In the song “Eau d’Bedroom Dancing” by Le Tigre, Kathleen Hanna sings, “I’m in the sky when I’m on the floor;” in my drawing of the same name, I similarly distort and make impossible the intimate space of my bedroom. Eau d’Bedroom Dancing II (2021) deconstructs my bedroom and puts it back together again. I am interested in interiors—how they reflect our inside selves and how they can be at once comforting and lonely, dreary, and dreamy.

I work primarily in drawing, painting, performance, and video. Despite the differences between these media, a commonality throughout my artistic practice is an exploration of the in-betweens. My own racial, sexual, and gender identity are fraught with contradictions and multiplicities. My performances address this fluidity, and I use my own body and all the associations it brings forth. Using abstraction and embracing chance and play, I create works that feel like kin to multihyphenates like me.



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