Bre Jackson

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Like the stray, I was born into a marginalized existence. Cast out early from the familial unit and never successfully assimilated into a community, I often consider the systems we use to construct our identities. I draw from nature, industry, and technology, considering their effects on our personhood and humanity. I practice the art of confusing our biological inclination to categorize and compartmentalize everything. My work is concerned with the whole -cosm, micro to macro, and the parallels that arise when examining our increasingly symbiotic existence with technology. The social systems controlled by those in power seep into our cultures and dictate our actions; yet these systems are in constant conflict with the natural, evolutionary forces that drive us. My work is a space to interrogate and manipulate the organization of these invisible systems. I seek to create moments of intimate conversation between friends and strangers, exploiting areas of the social contract reserved for lovers, lawyers, and potential employers. I challenge people to confront their memories and preconceived notions about the way things are and the way they must be. I make art so that I can explore these questions in conversation with others. I believe the answers are critical in challenging our age of globalization, intolerance, and media-induced hysteria.


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