Caroline Padon

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I am a printmaker, photographer and mixed media artist who lives and works in Austin, Texas. I use a variety of media to investigate the process of decay in organic materials and work to alter their states through printmaking, paper making, and other forms of manipulation. I work to explore the impermanence of organic life and how it reflects our own mortality. I am primarily interested in the ways our organic world recycles back into itself, and how we might be reminded of this cycle by observing the simple objects in the world around us.

Growing up spending time in rural areas of Texas, I began to consider the constant recycling of living things. Spending time in remote, natural areas can serve as a reminder of our inevitable return to this cycle, and of how that concept is reflected back to us through the organic world. Through the incorporation of local, organic materials, my work deals with the temporary nature and fragility of every living organism we encounter. By altering these materials into unusual states, I play both with the idea of decay and with alternative modes of preservation and record-keeping. Using archival processes, I document the impermanence of each organism at different states of decomposition. I investigate the passage of time and how it reveals itself through the decay of materials. Primarily using a photographic printing process, I further investigate their ability to preserve the shapes and transparency of these transient objects, aiming at preserving the lifetime of these otherwise temporal things, creating space for reflection and appreciation of life’s invisible ticking clock.

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