Destiny Juarez

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My work engages concepts of memory and nostalgia surrounding domesticity and domestic spaces. Through printmaking, painting, and drawing, I often recreate scenes from my own memory, using unnatural colors and creating atmospheres that are fantastical and unreal. Weaving themes of nostalgia and memory into these scenes, my works create a sense of familiarity and comfort. I continue to question the meaning of nostalgia, considering the idea that nostalgia is a romanticized version of our memories. Perhaps this is why we get homesick: we feel nostalgic about the times when we were home, reflecting on the past and longing for moments we can only look back on in fondness. This is what I try to capture in my work: combining bright colors and imitations of domestic spaces and objects, I create a fabrication of a moment or memory that feels familiar. Moving forward, I intend to include more personal touches in my works, drawing from my own simple memories that I do not want to lose.


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