Elaine McMurray

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In my work, I use oil paint augmented with additives such as glitter and crystals. These materials change the surface and tactility of the canvas; they also change the way light interacts with the surface of the painting, creating ephemeral alcoves. Painting can serve as a medium for self-examination, and I think of manipulating paint as a way to reexamine my own sense of self. I find myself drawn to the ways oil paint can  be shaped, edited, and reconfigured, just as my brain might perceive, interpret, and refine information. Incorporating vivid imagery and decisive mark-making, I make work that serves as a conduit for examining my innermost thoughts. Themes of loss, intimacy, and metamorphosis are central to my practice. In making these works, I am strengthening my consciousness and exploring how I might exist in conversation with others. My work serves as a tool for introspection, and has enabled me to create a foundation for personal growth. While everyone experiences transitions differently, I aim to generate conversations that unify viewers through shared catharsis.



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