Jennifer Kim

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I am drawn to the simple in my work—people, their actions, their emotions, their bodies. In my paintings, I strive to show each and every detail in my immediate surroundings. Onto the vast canvas, I capture these elements of everyday life—the precious but fleeting moments of events, interactions, and the various bodies and objects that live within those experiences. While these moments—which constitute only milliseconds of our 24-hour days—might seem mundane, by capturing them in paintings, they become truly alive. Finding the right color palette for each image is one of the most important aspects in producing these works, as the colors I choose help me to more accurately capture these fleeting moments in time. Recently, I have been focusing more on the various shapes of bodies in transient moments; taking a step back and abstracting figures caught in time—each organic shape created by light and shadow, each crevice where the skin folds. The geometric shapes of negative space provide an endless source of inspiration for me.



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