Joy Onuwa

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While I have explored a number of mediums in my practice, I enjoy that each has offered me the ability to reject traditional art values. My art is primal. Despite my understanding of art history and the histories of the mediums I work with, when I create art, I let my emotions take full control. I am most drawn to working in sculpture. When I am sculpting, I notice that my entire body becomes involved in the process—an experience I find very appealing. I especially enjoy the experimental nature of sculpture, as I believe this is where art and science intersect. 

At my core, I am an artist that is navigating themes of identity within my work. As a female, queer, Nigerian artist, I possess various marginalized identities that I am capable of drawing inspiration from. However, I must consistently remind myself of who my target audience is. I do not want to have my work and identities exploited; rather, I am on a mission to make works for the people who I am in community with.


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