Lauren Graham

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My practice focuses on motifs, multiplicity, and cycles in nature, as well as anecdotes from my personal experiences in strange and whimsical spaces. Over the past four years, I have incorporated painting, drawing, and silkscreen prints into my practice to create complex and maximalist pieces that interact with the wall or the floor. I feel the most intimate connection to my compositions featuring patterns that walk the line between order and chaos, and that reflect different cyclical processes in life—as nature often does. By working intuitively, I create work that mutates and changes, reflecting behaviors seen in nature; I find that this process often leads to a more complex meaning in the work than I originally intended. It always surprises me to see my subconscious thoughts revealed as I progress through a piece. When I am finished, I can see several connections to previous ideas I’ve had, and to my own psyche. My warped depictions of the natural world become a lens through which I can view myself. Printmaking, in particular, has allowed me to explore this idea. Working with the multiplicity of this medium, I have made a collection of prints that, when cut and collaged together, create an environment that can be experienced by the viewer, even through a flat space. In painting and drawing, the focus is still to create immersive images, but with an eye toward color and atmosphere. No matter the medium, my most successful works stem from an openness to intuitive moments of inspiration. When I allow myself to be open and vulnerable, the right concept will materialize in my mind, and the rest reveals itself when the work is finished.


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