Liv Elkind

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I spend much of my daily life taking photographs of scenes that catch my eye. I will often be the person on a walk or at a party taking random photos. This is how my process begins. I see something to my liking, and I capture it. I look through these impromptu shots of people, places, and objects, and then when I’m ready, I put my favorite elements together to create one cohesive photograph. I've always been attracted to the beauty and fashion industries, which is reflected in my editorial-style photos. When it comes down to selecting the final images to use in my work, I look for several factors, and I want the subject to interact with its environment in a striking way. Sometimes, this means that the image has a certain elegance or beauty; other times it means something is off-putting or confusing. Depending on what feeling I am trying to express, whether it be drama, lust, anger, joy, or power, I want the image to fully encapsulate that mood. The way the subject conveys an expression on their face, along with the lighting and perspective, also play important roles in my imagery. If everything comes together fluently, and if I can visualize the photo on the cover of a magazine, then I deem the shot successful. 

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