Luna Davis

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I create nostalgic domestic installations and mixed-media works through the lens of my own personal experiences, considering the many traumatic, emotional, and heavy burdens that we as humans may carry with us. I find these experiences to be hidden in plain sight, buried in the monotony of a daily life that keeps us from facing certain realities. We dress ourselves in an idealized costume when, in reality, our consciousness can be messy, distressing, and unhinged. These domestic spaces are like the sets of our lives, allowing us to put on a show that may seem truthful, yet might be the complete opposite. As an artist, my goal is to shine a light on these spaces where trauma often occurs, placing them in a realm that is both distant and familiar, comfortable but, upon close inspection, disturbing. With the use of mixed media elements such as sculpture, photography, print, and video, I create an almost visceral experience. Starting with a wooden structure, a color scheme, or a domestic object, I build a space that envelopes the viewer and transports them to an eerie or uncomfortable setting. From there, I incorporate silkscreen prints, videos, and small details with specific imagery used to convey a message of pathos. Ultimately, I hope to create spaces that the viewer can be experience as though they are a fly on the wall or a voyeur poised outside a window; while my works may recall my own distant memories and signal my specific point of view, I also hope to acknowledge the shared experiences we must all endure as we move through life. You are not alone. I am here too.



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