Madison Cooper

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I define my work as an exploratory conversation addressing memory, Blackness, and childhood. I primarily work in photography and printmaking, and frequently incorporate textile elements and practices. I choose these elements to emphasize specific symbols that hold personal and cultural significance. Processing these signifiers—such as church services and hair care products—enables me to comb through memories and consider the way I perceive my Black identity.Within my practice, I am constantly looking for the connection between physical materiality and visual re-staging and examining what it means to repurpose and alter memories. I integrate personal and public archival imagery to revisit specific moments from my past as a Black woman from Dallas, Texas. I tend to highlight experiences rooted in personal trauma while striving to soothe these moments of confusion and unrest. I seek to represent a variety of communal experiences in order to amplify the intricacies and expansiveness of Black culture. I am interested in my work existing as a performance for the Black community.



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