Malyne Wilkins

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My work recreates images that emphasize the quality of light in domestic spaces. In my photographs, I look at light as a subject matter, capturing the painterly qualities it possesses in order to inform my approach to painting. In turn, I produce hybrid -style paintings that blur the boundaries between abstraction and realism. Examining the refraction and reflection of natural light on manufactured materials serves as a springboard for my photographs and oil paintings. With each new creation, I aim to produce a dynamic cooperation of texture and color and to showcase the cohabitation of light and darkness. Light can expose shapes and designs that compose abstractions in its surroundings. To accentuate highlights and color hues, I shoot my photographs at peak hours of the day when the light is transitioning. Through my studies of light and the way light is experienced by the human eye, I aim to highlight how light can create intriguing compositions in our dwelling spaces.



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