Milana Todua

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I am a multifaceted artist who focuses on experimentation through a mix of photography, painting, sculpture, printmaking, spray-painting, and fashion. In choosing my techniques, I rely on intuition and trust myself with the end results. My love for mark-making derives from street art; I am particularly inspired by the work of Sandra Fabara, a.k.a. Lady Pink. My work reflects my life experiences, the things I have seen growing up, and the rawness of life. I was born in Moscow, Russia and raised in Queens, New York from the ages of ten to sixteen. In New York, my fascination with local art, culture, hip-hop, graffiti, murals, skateboarding, and self-expression began. I use photography to capture real life, often touching on themes of femininity and community. Then, I manipulate the image to communicate a deeper message. My main goal is to invite viewers to consider other identities from their own and discover a new perspective on the world. 


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