Oscar Ruiz

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Over the past few years, I have slowly begun to reconsider and reevaluate my relationship with myself and the role others play in my life. In my work, I seek to find symbiosis between the romanticized and the mundane, the limitless desire and the sobering reality, the self and the other. I feel that, in trying to find common ground an to bridge these concepts, an impossible mentality of “the world is broken, and I must fix it” can arise. I think this is something every person in the world has thought at one time, yet it somehow still seems to create such an immense feeling of loneliness. While I’ve discovered that I love it more than anything, the act of making this work has also become a way of coping with my own shortcomings and an attempt to confront the looming future. I’ve found that the figures I portray have become more and more distorted as my practice continues to evolve, and it becomes increasingly difficult to discern whether these distortions are idealizations or a reflection of a devastated ego.


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