Patience Hebert

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Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and raised on restlessness, I have found myself living in Louisiana, Connecticut, North Carolina, and, for now, Austin. In many ways, I see my work mirroring the qualities of my upbringing: always shifting and seeking something new. In part, my practice functions with an inward-facing lens, pursuing means of identity through introspection, performance, documentation, and reimagination. In my photographic work, I use my body and the spaces I create as vessels to express notions of self, anxiety, and horror, drawing on a fascination with the macabre, the eerie, and the surreal.

Existing in tandem with this practice of self-discovery is my interest in exploring the more abstract notions of memory, dreams, nostalgia, and fiction. This exploration extends to my work in photography, while also encompassing book arts, illustration, and printmaking. Found imagery plays an important role in the construction of these works, functioning as a tool outside of myself that I can manipulate and combine to explore some of these more intangible concepts. At times, I seek to understand how these ideas exist in relation to myself, and at other times I explore them with an innate desire to feel enveloped in the atmosphere of something strange, something invented, something mysterious, something other.


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