Presley Parker

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I create humorous, satirical stories depicted through animals with human-like features. In exploring the stories presented in illuminated manuscripts, I began to wonder what kind of stories might be told in the manuscripts of today. With the dominance of technology and the many issues we face in the world, I believe that my generation's manuscript would be both humorous and dark. I use vibrant colors, large scales, and bad handwriting to create an exaggerated effect in my work. I am interested in exploring the challenges my generation faces while poking fun at them. I am interested in making the viewer think, “this is comical, but is there more to it?” 

Most people believe art needs to have a deeper meaning. I find it amusing to make art that has no deeper meaning, and then listening to people interpret it as having some sort of significant hidden message. Having done this over the last four years, I have noticed that people often connect my work to something they feel passionate about, or to a message they need to hear. In encountering work that appears almost too straightforward, viewers tend to reach for meaning and rewrite the story in a way that is unique to them. By pushing viewers to create their own stories, I find that my work is able to take on a wide range of meanings and perspectives. While my work doesn’t take itself too seriously, it does provoke thought.



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