Rachel Massey and Zoe Roden

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Rachel Massey
I view myself as a curating observer. With a practice based in drawing, I work with traditional media such as graphite, charcoal, blue pen, and oil, rendering images in high-contrast with detailed mark-making. My drawings exist in an unclear setting, yet communicate a sense of time passing. I cautiously offer recognizable subjects to the viewer, such as bodies and organic materials, and situate them in uncanny habitats. I pull references from art history, Google searches, and personal documentation to produce images that exist only in the environments I place them in—similar to the notion of world-building. In these “worlds” I build, I create a sense of time passing—whether through the repetition of images, the progression of a series, or the presentation of a clear narrative. Combining the feeling of a timeline with the absence of any real setting allows my work to exist in a void of my own creation. My images act as vignettes pulled from a larger story—one where I'm missing the parts needed to explain it all.



Zoe Roden
I am an Art History and Humanities student at the University of Texas at Austin. My work centers around twentieth-century print cultures and the circulation of “little magazines,” with an emphasis on community-building, psychoanalysis, and surrealism. My thesis focuses on the artist publication View (1940–47), the myth of Narcissus, and Parker Tyler’s long poem The Granite Butterfly (1945).


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