Raegan Smythe

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In my work, I aim to capture a sense of nostalgia and highlight the way in which memories fade and change as we become more distant from them. I create my works through photography and life observation. Every time I start a new work, I begin scrolling through my camera roll to find a photo or collection of photos that interests me or sparks a memory. I constantly capture moments of my life in photos, as many of us do in the age of pocket cameras. In choosing my images, I focus largely on interior spaces—both new and old, but always familiar. I have painted every house I have lived in, bedrooms I have had sleepovers in, living rooms of friends, kitchens of family members, and more. My use of mixed media and bright colors allows me to distinguish my compositions from their photographic source material. By adding different materials, textures, and colors, I am able to depict these spaces as they appear in my personal memory. I have moved a total of thirteen times in my life. Because of this experience, I remember my life in segments, differentiated primarily by the apartment or house I lived in at the time. I find that most things are sentimental to me, and I like to highlight my favorite objects, decorations, and furniture in my work. Focusing on interior spaces has allowed me to expand artistically, enabling me to let go of my desire to strive for photorealism. The themes of nostalgia and familiarity have greatly informed the wide range of media I choose to use in my work.



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