Luiz Rosa Nanini

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My work is upfront, expressive, energetic, and playful. There is a joy to art-making that I wear on my sleeve; I believe  that feeling is something everyone should experience, and I want to encourage others to try it. I look at art from a Dada-like perspective. I want to treat art the way a child treats a toy: as a mechanism of exploration and discovery. I view art-making as a toy to play with and engage with physically. I manipulate material and texture with the sole purpose of exploring and learning—something I call explorative play. This approach allows me to learn in a different way, and pushes me to challenge myself and discover something new at my own pace. The goal is not to correct mistakes or perfect a craft; rather, it is to learn about and from the material, the subject, and the process of art-making. My enjoyment of the process—and my desire to share that joy—shows through in how I work. My work tends to be performative—something that comes through not just in the expressiveness of my lines, but also in the movements I make when I work. I want to highlight this unconscious element of my process in my work. I seek to create a direct line of communication between myself and the viewer. Honesty is important to me, and I find that a sincere approach creates a more open environment where experimentation can thrive.

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