Sára Kousková

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In my work, I merge the concepts of visual aesthetics, humor, functionality, and sustainability. I work primarily with wood and plaster in my sculptural works, oil and watercolor in my smaller-scale paintings, and house paint in my larger action paintings. Although the worlds of my many interests may seem disconnected, they all serve to inspire, help shape my identity, and create a passionate foundation for my expression.

I am on a quest to communicate an explosion of ideas and an appreciation for the world around me through my work. Both the ordinary and the extraordinary move me. However, the thought of just creating more stuff is rather scary, so I like when there is another use for my work—practical, humorous. I think about sustainability, time, and the beauty of the fact that art can be found anywhere.

In my sculpture work, I balance a sense of precision and looseness based on the material I use. Wood invites me to be precise, and plaster allows me to create more loosely. Painting offers a similar balance: my still life and oil works are usually more precise. However, I also have an insatiable need to move the paint quicker—like an explosion, a rush, or excitement on the working plane. Those paintings are immersed with the process and the appreciation of what the physicality of the paint can achieve in regard to color, mixing, or texture.

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