Sophia Hashemi

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Through self-scrutiny and arduous process-based making, I seek to observe the multifaceted layers of the hidden and revealed within my work. I primarily work in silkscreen printmaking, collage, book arts, photography, film, and poetry. Captivated by moments of emotional metamorphosis, encapsulated memories, and imaginary shadow-selves, I transcribe all my findings through an ongoing, wakeful, silent exploration. Ineffably prompted by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide, I am moved by the secrecy that comes from the duality shared among the self and the subconscious. Enticed by the curious thrill of the undiscovered that comes with the assemblage process, I am interested in exploring the links between vulnerability and resilience through my practice. The symbiotic nature of perpetual research and intuitive making is deeply ingrained in the fabric of my work. With an eye towards thematic symbolism, I aim to express the mysteries and obscurities learned while alone. Influenced by my Russian and Persian heritage, Dada and Surrealist movements, and pure curiosity of the self-unknown, I delve into ruminations of reflection and rarity.


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