Sophie Wyatt

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I am interested in the intimacies of the world around us, and how these intimacies are echoed through the history of still life art. The objects inhabiting a generated space interact with one another in harmony or discord; each object specifically chosen and carefully placed, then captured in paint. Dating back to Egyptian times, this artistic tradition has been used to decorate tombs with everyday delicacies, or for frescoes adorning the walls of Pompeii with life’s material pleasures. The still life requires a fusion of observation and scrutiny from the artist, as well as a deep sense of appreciation for the mundane presence of the objects. The attention to life’s small details in these historical works fascinates me. Each piece tells its own story, characterizing the lives of the people from these times through nothing other than inanimate objects. I harbor this love for the everyday in my work, creating reflections of my own life with common items we can all recognize and relate to. Inspired by childhood memories, my immediate surroundings, and historical references, I share with my viewers the delicacies of the ordinary and familiar—the gentle warmth of natural light, the sweetness of honey, and the wonder of the everyday. While the objects and spaces that surround our daily routines can often get lost in the shuffle, the familiarity of ordinary things can reconnect us to an appreciation for the simple.


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