Tahlia Drayton

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Growing up, I always had a fascination with fantasy and fiction. That interest later progressed into a love of horror and the macabre; I would often watch films of this genre with my mother. I gained a very vivid imagination through these experiences, and I now feed that imagination constantly with new information that challenges and intrigues me. Between the absurd early 2000s animation I consumed growing up and the intense horror movies I have come to enjoy, I have developed a love for the odd and the visceral. I create somewhat effeminate creatures with unique characteristics, and use bright, attention-grabbing colors to catch the viewer’s attention, reveal my private thoughts, and make them a little uneasy. 

I use large canvases to create larger-than-life figures, making them imposing so as to cause an uneasy feeling in the viewer. In my painting process, I layer each color while taking my time to build the character I am creating. Working layer by layer, I get to know and develop the characters until they feel fully fleshed out. Using acrylic paint allows me to move my process along at a quick pace. I still draw from what inspired me as a child when developing new ideas for my work. I also turn to social media as a resource, following other creators whose work inspires me. By reaching across media and genres for inspiration, I have developed a style that reflects the things that fascinate me.


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