Family Day 2020: VAC at Home

Learn about contemporary artists from the border region spanning South Texas and Northern Mexico while making art of your own at home! Enjoy these student-led activities featuring works from Between Two Worlds, produced as part of our annual Family Day event organized in collaboration with the undergraduate Art Education program at UT Austin.

Crafting Traditions with the Work of Marcelina Gonzales
Janelle Mendoza, Madeline Picket, and Mandy Phillips

Traditions come in all forms, and can be specific to your culture, your community, or even just your family. What are some of your favorite traditions? Exploring the work of Marcelina Gonzales, we will create a collage to represent a tradition that has special significance in our lives.

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Collaging Self-Identity with the Work of Cande Aguilar
Sasha Azar, Hannah Robinson, and Amanda Rogers

The materials an artist uses and the way they are used can tell a story. Looking at the work of Cande Aguilar, we are going to learn how to make a collage that layers a variety of images and colors to tell our own story of self-identity.

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Exploring Cultural Identity through Food with the Work of Samantha Isabel Garcia
Kassandra Caracheo and Sarah Ngo

What are the foods remind you of home? Looking at the work of Samantha Isabel Garcia, we will explore how food can tell stories and be  reflections of our own identities.

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Creating Personalized Portraits with the Work of Noel Palmenez
Kelly Housley, Haley Daniels, and Kyara Johnsons

Who has had the biggest impact on your life? In this activity, we will look at the work of Noel Palmenez and create portraits of our favorite people using a range of materials from around the house.

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Representing Identity with the Work of Alejandro Macias
Allie Callaway, Kathryn Cowan, and Aidan Page

If you could use one object to represent who you are, what would it be? Looking at the work of Alejandro Macias, we will create life-size portraits using symbols that reflect our own unique identities.

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